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Building Imagination

Ignite imagination in young minds through engaging programs, fostering a lifelong passion for creativity and innovation

Growing Cognitive

Cultivate cognitive skills with thought-provoking activities, empowering children to excel academically and embrace intellectual growth.

Increase Creativity

Our creative curriculum is consistent with NAEYC’s developmentally appropriate curriculum requirements.

Learning Hive Center

About Learning Hive

Give the Children Space to Grow

At Learning Hive, we strongly believe in giving our best in guiding the children who have been entrusted to us. We seek to provide a unique and exciting curriculum tailored to actively engage children. We cater to the needs of growing children with a focus on a strong social, educational, and spiritual foundation. We realize the importance of a formal and informal approach to education, which is reflected in our uniquely curated curricula. We strive to prepare children to thrive not only in school but in life. We do our best to open our children to endless possibilities. (Proverbs 22:6)

Our Approach

Playing & Learning

Our main focus at Learning Hive is to harness and celebrate the individuality of each child. Every child is uniquely talented, however many of them struggle to succeed academically. We at Learning Hive realize that this is largely due to inadequate and inefficient teaching methods being widely used to box children into a pre-prepared role that may not best suit their unique and individual strengths

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Cognitive & Creative
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Why Choose Us?

Complete Facilities

Discover our comprehensive facilities, thoughtfully designed to provide a nurturing environment for holistic child development.

Playing Area

Explore our vibrant playing area, designed to spark creativity and active learning in a fun environment.

Outbound Area

Discover our outbound area, a space for outdoor adventures and physical activities that promote healthy development.

Reading Area

Immerse yourself in the world of books in our reading area, where young minds can explore and dream.


Parent Testimonial

See what our esteemed parents think of what we do here at Learning Hive Center.

As parents, we are so happy with Learning Hive, they have created an environment that feels like a second home. If you want a school that nurtures young minds and instills a life long of learning, then Learning Hive is the place to be. The staff is approachable, responsive, and genuinely interested in addressing parents' questions. As the name goes, it's a hive that brings out the purest honey in our kids.

    Mrs. Vera Takyi
    Mrs. Vera Takyi


    We have been very fortunate to have the Learning Hive Center accessible to us and our two-year-old son. Learning Hive Center is a preschool set apart from the rest. We love the emphasis placed on learning through play, music, art, and other activities. My son is always happy to go to school, and his teachers take a keen interest in his well-being and performance, whether on school days or not. We have had such a fabulous experience so far for the past two years, and we are looking forward to many exciting years with Learning Hive Center.

      Mr. and Mrs Mensah
      Mr. and Mrs Mensah


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