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About Us

Learning Hive, a community of childcare programs, blends the safe cozy environment of a home with a unique atmosphere that depicts a structured educational essence. This is the edge that Learning Hive offers its families. Learning Hive uses our own unique curriculum that is consistent with the NAEYC’s (National Association for the Education of Young Children) developmentally appropriate practices for early childhood. Each educational suite at the Learning Hive Center follows a daily schedule – we adhere to the school of thought that children thrive in a structured and somewhat predictable environment. Our daily schedules allow children to set routines that foster caring bonds amongst the children and their teachers. This stems from the stability the schedules provide. The daily schedules are flexible enough to adapt to each child’s individual needs yet still offering a sense of consistency and security.

Why Choose Us?

Complete Facilities

Discover our comprehensive facilities, thoughtfully designed to provide a nurturing environment for holistic child development.

Playing Area

Explore our vibrant playing area, designed to spark creativity and active learning in a fun environment.

Outbound Area

Discover our outbound area, a space for outdoor adventures and physical activities that promote healthy development.

Reading Area

Immerse yourself in the world of books in our reading area, where young minds can explore and dream.


Parent Testimonial

Dive into heartfelt stories from families who’ve entrusted us, astounded by their children’s remarkable transformation.

“Words cannot express how grateful my husband and I are to have our children enrolled in the LH family. Receiving instructions from your skilled teachers and benefiting from your Christian and educational programs. The teachers are incredibly supportive and patient which creates a great environment where the children are constantly inspired to go to school and do their best!!”

    Monica Duru
    Monica Duru


    “The entire team is such a wonderful group of people who have become like a second family to us. It is so comforting to have our boys attend a school that focuses on love, discipline, hygiene, and a fun way of impacting knowledge. LHCA allows children to express themselves to grow independently and smart. Thank you to the entire team for being a safe, warm, fun and educational place for our children to go everyday!”

      Mr. and Mrs Amo-Anim
      Mr. and Mrs Amo-Anim


      Our Teachers

      Meet The Staff

      Meet the extraordinary staff and uncover the vibrant individuals shaping young minds with unwavering dedication, fostering boundless growth.

      Abigail Asante


      Josephine Yorke


      Portia Mattison